Saturday, April 21, 2012

Here I Go

Well I did it.

And I am gonna blog about it every single day (i hope).

I joined weight watchers yesterday April 20, 2012.

Several things brought me to this point. Besides the obvious one that I am most definitely obese. I currently ride the scale between 225# and 219#, man am I fat.

Seventeen months ago my second baby girl was born. I walked out of the hospital 23lbs lighter than I was when I got pregnant (202lbs). I had been very sick with gestational diabetes during my entire pregnancy, which had forced me to eat a strict diet, also I was so sick that often I had to force myself to eat just to keep my blood sugar levels in check, makes it easy to loose even while pregnant. Fortunately I delivered a 9lb beautiful baby girl and was cured, no joke really was. They gave me a strawberry milkshake right after delivery and then checked my blood sugar, should have sent me through the clouds.....nope I was like a normal human being again. I walked out of that hospital feeling fantastic.....I felt good, had another beautiful baby (gives you a high staring at that brand new baby if you have never personally experienced it), and I was close to being under 200lbs, plus I could once again eat what I wanted and boy did I.

So, seventeen months later my other baby girls tuned 6. She wants to be a Dancer, a Performer, and a Surfer. How am I going to keep up with that. Also we all moved to the Virgin Islands. Everywhere I go I see beautiful people, wearing beautiful beach clothes, sporting sexy bikinis, and I think that used to be me....I want that to be me....that is me hiding inside this fat suit. Time to get out, time to be me, time to be free.

I am not like most of the sucess stories I have read or seen. I have not been obese my entire life. I am not some couch potato who stares our the window. I am a very active, obese person. See my entire childhood I was an athlete. I swam and was really good at it. Because I swam so much 4-6hrs a day. I could eat whatever I wanted, and I did. I have terrible eating habits. As I got older, things change like it does for everyone a job replaced the swimming, children replaced workouts, time gets swallowed by diaper changing, bath time, story time, etc. Meals have consisted of fruit snacks, animal cookies, and PB & J. I am still very active, as active as I can be...I could be better. I walk, I ride horses, I swim, I snorkel, I Scuba all in my fat suit.

So I did it, I spent the money (big deal for me, I won't spend it and waste it), joined Weight Watchers for support and guidelines to help get my eating where it should be. I am starting with control on my food, I plan to get more specific about my exercise in a week or two. For now I am going to be my obese active self and start with better for ya food, and less of it.

Wish me luck, follow my journey, I plan to be 100% honest here so some days might not be so pretty. But I have to face the music....I am FAT, and I am not going to Hide, Ignore, or placate my FAT self anymore. Time to be in control, time to win!!!

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