Sunday, April 22, 2012

What Wagon? I Never Even Got On!!!

Day 2

Breakfast was right on track, fried egg, one slice whole wheat toast, water.

Left for the beach where today hubby and I took Lesson 1 on Kite Surfing. AMAZING! Really hard work, and we spent 2 1/2 hrs in the ocean attached to a giant kite, learning to fly it (which means we were basically dragged around by 11 meter kite. CALORIES BURNED: at least 3000!

Snack: Watermelon

Lunch: Water, Jr Cheeseburger and small fry from Wendy's. A small slide, but I figured it would balance with the figurative 3000 calories.

Here is where I tripped while stepping onto the wagon and fell face first into a quick sand pit.

We then went to the West end of the Island to participate in Cruise Ship Day. See, when the cruise ships come in there is music and street vendors and it is a lot of fun to browse, and sweat to death....really its fun.

Upon facing certain heat stroke, we stepped into a cafe....they served the best local island ice cream, Rum Raisin called my name and I had a dish....really not so bad, remember 3000 calories burned.

Then we finished our exercise in Heat Stroke, I did get a cool beach cover that will look good now, and amazing once size fits all, but you body always looks better in them when slim. It was a late birthday gift from my mother.

Next on the list for this beautiful Caribbean day was Coconuts. Local beach bar on the west beach where you can watch the sun set and wait for the Green Flash. This was the sand trap.

1 Rum Punch
Chips N Salsa (homemade and fantastic, btw Coconuts is owned and run by one of Don's coworkers). Then I shared ( I was reaching for the wagon at this point).
BBQ Ribs, Beans, & Rice with Don. These were in fact some of the best ribs I have ever eaten. And proven by my current weight, I would know...sharing them was excellent I was not stuffed just right. Don eats fast, so it worked out well.

No dessert thank God.

I haven't tracked my points yet, but I am sure I am way over the limit. Hopefully my 3000 calories will help it be a wash today.

Well, the wagon is coming by tomorrow again hopefully this time I make it on.


  1. We seriously need to help each other from taking another face plant off that ole buckboard.

  2. OK Mrs. Accountable where are the posts for Monday and Tuesday and BTW 'step away from the fruit snacks'!

  3. ALSO, go into your account settings and get that annoying word verifyer out of here.